The Mental Health First Aid course equips you to recognize the signs of a mental health or substance use issue. It gives you the tools and confidence to take action and help.

Make a difference in the lives of your loved ones, colleagues and your own mental health by getting certified in Mental Health First Aid!


Organization of the Year

Each year, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, the largest behavioral health organization in the country, recognizes the extraordinary work and commitment of Mental Health First Aid community members by distributing awards to influential organizations, instructors, and partners who have been instrumental in supporting the mission of Mental Health First Aid.

Mental Health America, the managing organization for the Mental Health First Aid Collaborative, was awarded the 2023 Organization of the Year.

Meet our team of mental health recovery advocates, ready to bring education and awareness to your communities.

Janet Gora

Statewide Director, Youth Instructor

Kathy Oberlin

Youth MHFA Coordinator Director Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success

Lucas Zielasko

Administrative Support Coordinator

Bridget Swihart

Instructor Support Specialist, Adult and Youth Instructor, 

Jessica Wright

Adult Instructor, First Responder, Minorities, LGBTQ+, & Rural Adult MHFA Coordinator Contact

Michelle Rolf

Veteran, Older Adults, College Age & Military MHFA Coordinator  

Stacy Ray

AmeriCorps member, Youth & Adult Instructor, Independent Class Coordinator

Kelsey Shackelford

SAMHSA Adult MHFA Coordinator Contact

Keith Kline

Teen MHFA Instructor & Project Lead

Lisa Carter

Teen MHFA Instructor & Coordinator

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