Join the movement to expand mental health support and contribute to the well-being of all Ohioans.

Advocate for Mental Health First Aid

"We Can Save Lives"

Join Terry in using your voice to educate your legislators in two easy steps! 

Step One

Go to the "Contact" tab and reach out via email, postal mail, phone or request a meeting. 

Find Your Representative

Step Two 

Share why you support MHFA for your family, workplace and community.

Refer them to the MHFA Collaborative if they ask for more information.

Why MHFA Makes Good Sense
image with picture of people at a podium that says identify your local representatives

Share your own MHFA story at
#ohiomhfa; #wildformhfa 

Taking a few minutes to follow these steps will lead to increased awareness, better mental health policies, and a more resilient and supportive community.